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Friday, 14 October 2011

The worst thing ever happened in my l!fe.

After gaining well enough responses from friends for my first blog they told me to write again so I thought of sharing the worst thing ever happened in my entire life. 

              It was just an another boring class of HOD as he was dictating notes for Theory of design. Everyone in the class were bored to the core and suddenly an idea came out of the blue to my mind why not I write a story about what everyone is doing in his class and post it on my blog, with that idea I started writing the story ignoring what sir was dictating which led to a disaster for the forthcoming college life of mine, which you are going to read below.

               The story which I wrote on my five subject notebook which created a permanent place in our HOD’s mind was scripted as....

                                       @#!$    HOD’s CLASS    @#!$
Haaaa... :O goes the fourth yawn of Krishna who is sitting on the second bench to the HOD and he is actually sleeping with the eyes wide open. Wait! I’m actually doing the same.

On the front bench of mine, Lakhsmi is seated and she is scribbling some funny faces on her fingers by completely ignoring the class.

On the left is a boy who is probably looking like Devdas. Wait! Is that Faraaz, OMG! Yes he is I wonder what is wrong with him these days. Coming back to the point, he is drawing some masterpiece on his giant blue notebook and I think he is probably thinking how to shut that (the next line is THE line and it is copyright) Half bald headed guy who is dictating s#it from past one hour.

The guy sitting next to me is Raja, he is like physically present and mentally absent he must be in a fantasy land with his dream girl who was sitting adjacent to him.....

I was thinking what to write next and suddenly HOD stopped dictating he was about to leave the class, that is when I glanced at my watch it showed 03:57 PM. Our college works till 04:00 PM so we too had to leave. I closed my notebook thinking that I will continue my story on his next class.


Acoustics class ended and we were waiting for the HOD to come and take his construction class, I took my notebook and opened the story page and kept my pen on it so that it would be easy for me to start again.

HOD walked into class and he went near to the wooden platform and he pointed me and said to come and sit on the first bench, he does this often so I made faces and sat on the first bench. He was talking something about his previous class and suddenly he asked for my notebook to see the where he ended his previous class. Before I could take out the pen from the story page which I kept as a bookmark he snatched the book from my hand and he saw the bold letters “HOD’s CLASS and he started reading it aloud so that everyone in the class would hear what was written on that page instead of construction notes, my face turned white and my whole body started trembling as he was close to his praising and he read that line in a different tone and started laughing I was totally in a confused and vibrating state, then he asked me with a  smiling face, in his mother tongue “yenna pa?? Enne daan solre ah??” I was totally in shock no words came out of my mouth, I even thought of me getting suspended from this college and then he started insulting me which I can’t reveal here due to its abusive content.

As the insulting process of me was on, suddenly he said that this is enough for me to get out of this institution and then he walked out of class with a serious expression as if someone slapped him, which was similarly to what I did though. The only sentence which came out of my mouth after he left was “What the F*CK!” and as I turned back to look at my friends their mouths were wide open and they were still recovering the shock of what just happened.

I saw standing blank looking at their faces then Krishna said “Macha! Poi sorry ketu adhu book wankiyo da” as soon as he said that I was on my way to HOD’s room.

They way to HOD’s room from our classroom never felt so long and dangerous as that was on that day. As I entered his room he was having his lunch and he gave me a fierce look and asked me to wait outside. I walked out of his room, right next to his room there are a couple of steel chairs and the place which is so called “Budding Architect’s lounge” I found that chairs occupied by my friends for moral support, they were very keen to know what happened, I said them what he was doing. After a few minutes he walked out of his room to fill water in his can from the purifier in the lounge and he walked in and I followed.

I was standing at his door making my face innocent so that he would accept my apology and gives the notebook back. He first ignored me then he asked me what do I want so casually, as if nothing has happened. I slowly mentioned “sir, my book..”, “book ella tharu mudiyathu” he said that in a flash. I was standing there with a puppy face then again he ignored me.

There was a teacher inside his room who was busy typing something on the computer. She left after ten minutes and then the trashing begun. Soon I understood why he was silent.

I repeatedly apologized to him but it made no affect on him, he was very keen in finding Raja’s dream girl but I ignored it every time he asked that. Finally he asked me to bring my dad to him to show that book to him and later he will return the book. Within seconds I imagined the scenario of dad being in this room and then being thrashed back home. So, I tried hard to cry but the stonehearted me, no tears rolled down my cheeks.

     I quickly sensed that he was having fun insulting me and I was swearing him silently, I searched for the book and it was place on the table. I thought of a nonsense idea of taking that book and running out but I knew that it would only make the situation worse. I stood there still staring at my book and thinking why the hell I wrote the story. HOD noticed me staring at the book, he sprang out of his chair took that book kept inside his drawer and locked it which made me more upset.

He continued blabbering then he stood from his chair said that he wants to check everyone’s note to see whether they too write the same thing or not. I wished so bad for a company but my sincere classmates wrote only notes nothing else was there.

HOD turned to me and said “nee mattum da idpi eldirya??“ I didn’t bother to answer his question, I looked down and I found the pattern of the floor tiles interesting rather than him insulting me in front of everyone, he called out my name and asked me something but I ignored he again called me and asked my age I said 19 in a very soft tone possible, the next thing which happened was out of my imagination.

I was still standing like a pillar there, and then he asked everyone in class should he forgive me and my dear friends answered in my favour. He smiled and pulled me towards him and said, “yen note le elduren elarum padipangle, neriya sollu irukulam ille” and he said which no other HOD would have said to his student after this incident the golden words where “nee periya thapu ella pannle pa, indha vaisu le pannle na vepo pannuven” and then he hugged me. 

Everyone in the class was very happy but I was still confused of what just happened. After he left, I tried to eat but food refused to pass my throat. After lunch it was again his class he again called me to sit on the first bench I wantedly went without a book so that he will return my notebook back but he said, he wants to show my book to some people and then he will return it to me.

It is been a month after that incident but he has not returned my book and a fear of that book is still there somewhere deep down locked in my heart, which emerges whenever I see him and I laugh at myself whenever this incident pops up in my mind.

P.S: The above story is based on a real story and it is partly fiction. My dear Tamizh friends please accept my apology, if there is something wrong with the Tamizh words used above.

So that is it folks, thank you for sparing your precious time for reading this like I said in the first one “I hope you like the above one if not it’s not your fault” have fun. \m/. :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A silly dream to write a book.

Hey ya guys!!  This is AKhyar, who has got a new fling for writing and has no idea how to write... people may find it uncool but here i write a silly dream of mine to write a book!

        It was like an usual day as i was texting on my Blackberry, one of my friend had gone mad. He was talking nonsense n so was I. As i was texting i heard a sound from my back "khali phone me'ch reh, college ka kya b karna ni so",it was my mom yelling at me.
       After hearing a big enough lecture i came into my room with a dumb expression which made my brother LOL, i stared at him and felt like throwing my mobile right on his temple soon i realized it was my new phone, i gave him a wry look n dig myself on my bed and started texting again.

              As 30 minutes passed it made me feel boring and i wanted something interesting enough to happen so i decided to text all the female contacts on my phonebook and so i did, sent  a 'hi' to around 15 contacts and waited for the replies. Among the 15 only 10 replied as we exchanged hey, how are you?, what are you doing? formal texts and then a girl asked me any new hobbies and suddenly out of nowhere 'writing' hit me. she started making fun of my new hobby of writing which pushed me more towards writing.

                  Later that night i was thinking about writing and i fell asleep and i dreamed of my book being launched at The Taj corammendal by Chetan Bhagat!! i sat up in a flash and realized it was a dream.

                      After that dream, I really wanted to write something and i decided to start up a blog from which i can start atleast something. At college i shared my dream with my friends and obviously they made fun of it.
                            And today here i am blogging writing my dream, sharing on the world wide web.

             THAT'S IT!! I hope you guys liked it, if not it is not your fault.. have fun!! \m/

P.S: The above story is a fiction and writing a book will always be a dream!