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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A silly dream to write a book.

Hey ya guys!!  This is AKhyar, who has got a new fling for writing and has no idea how to write... people may find it uncool but here i write a silly dream of mine to write a book!

        It was like an usual day as i was texting on my Blackberry, one of my friend had gone mad. He was talking nonsense n so was I. As i was texting i heard a sound from my back "khali phone me'ch reh, college ka kya b karna ni so",it was my mom yelling at me.
       After hearing a big enough lecture i came into my room with a dumb expression which made my brother LOL, i stared at him and felt like throwing my mobile right on his temple soon i realized it was my new phone, i gave him a wry look n dig myself on my bed and started texting again.

              As 30 minutes passed it made me feel boring and i wanted something interesting enough to happen so i decided to text all the female contacts on my phonebook and so i did, sent  a 'hi' to around 15 contacts and waited for the replies. Among the 15 only 10 replied as we exchanged hey, how are you?, what are you doing? formal texts and then a girl asked me any new hobbies and suddenly out of nowhere 'writing' hit me. she started making fun of my new hobby of writing which pushed me more towards writing.

                  Later that night i was thinking about writing and i fell asleep and i dreamed of my book being launched at The Taj corammendal by Chetan Bhagat!! i sat up in a flash and realized it was a dream.

                      After that dream, I really wanted to write something and i decided to start up a blog from which i can start atleast something. At college i shared my dream with my friends and obviously they made fun of it.
                            And today here i am blogging writing my dream, sharing on the world wide web.

             THAT'S IT!! I hope you guys liked it, if not it is not your fault.. have fun!! \m/

P.S: The above story is a fiction and writing a book will always be a dream!